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This is an anonymous service.

Although you give the system your email, the member of the MCR (or whole MCR) cannot see your email address or your identity.

In the effort of making it as confidential as possible, if you select to contact only one member of the MCR for a specific issue, only they will see it.

They may need to discuss the issue with other members of the MCR but if you should wish for it to remain entirely confidential, please put this in your message and the MCR member will try their best to adhere to this.

If they feel they can't keep it confidential they will tell you before breaking confidentiality. The MCR member will be able to contact you back and this will be sent to your email (this is why your email is needed).

However, regardless of what happens, you will still remain anonymous throughout this process - at no stage will we see your email address or identity. The purpose of this system is to allow us to get back in touch with you while maintaining that anonymity.

To respond to the MCR member, you need to go back to this MCR webpage issues area and, using the same token, write to them again.

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