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Minutes of MCR Committee Meetings

For the edification and enlightenment of its membership, the Middle Combination Room here presents authentic copies of minutes taken at meetings of the committee. Download and browse at your pleasure.

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Meetings 2017/2018

Meetings 2016/2017

Meetings 2015/2016

Meetings 2014/2015

No minutes recorded.

Meetings 2013/2014

Meetings 2012/2013

Meetings 2011/2012

Meetings 2010/2011

Meetings 2009/2010

Meetings 2008/2009

Meetings 2007/2008

Meetings 2006/2007

Meetings 2005/2006

MCR, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge CB2 1RL, UK
Email: mcr.secretary@caths.cam.ac.uk