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Usernames and passwords

These can be picked up by following the instructions at

Essentially, you will be asked to complete Student Registration online through CamSIS before you arrive. You will then get a username (also called a crsid) and a password. If this has not worked for some reason and you are already in Cambridge, you can complete the process from any College computer or via the WiFi networks in College by going to

Your email address will then be your You can change your password at Your crsid is often used to sign in to resources through Raven, the University web authentication system.

Internet Connection

Computer Rooms

There are three computer rooms in College with both PCs and Macs where you can log in with your university details: two beneath the Porter’s Lodge and one at the bottom of I Staircase in Sherlock Court. There are also three PCs in the College library. All PCs can dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu Linux.


There are three WiFi networks to be aware of while at Catz and the University in general.


This is likely the most important, because as well as being present on College grounds, it grants your internet access in every dark alleyway around Cambridge as well as other Universities around the country and the world. You will need an eduroam network token that you can pick up from

Full instructions on how to set this up are available at


This is present mainly on college grounds. The password is available at the Porters Lodge.


This is an open network, but when you connect you will need to log in using your crsid after you connect before you can access the internet.


If you want to connect to an ethernet port in college, you will need to register your MAC address with the Computing Office at

They are physically based in K staircase on Sherlock Court and you can buy ethernet cables from them there. If you need to connect to an ethernet port at your department, you will need to register your MAC address with your department’s computing office.


Accessing emails

You can access webmail at - simply login with your crsid and password on either the main screen or via Raven (it used to be possible to have separate passwords for Raven, Desktop Services and Email, but this is no longer the case).

Usual settings

If you want to access your email from an email program from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, you will need to use these settings:

Username: (your crsid here)
Password: (your password here)
IMAP Server:
Security: (if available, select SSL or STARTTLS Required)
SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 587 (if this doesn’t work, try 465)
SMTP Authentication: Required, Same as IMAP

More instructions are available at


You can search the library catalogue across all the libraries associated with the University (college, departments, UL, etc) at

You can also view all the books you currently have on loan and renew them remotely by logging in at

Remote access to files

You can access your filespace in your My Documents (or equivalent) folder once you log into a College computer. You can also access these remotely through a web interface (, SFTP ( or as a network mounted drive. Full instructions are available at

You can also access a remote Linux terminal by connecting via SSH to with your crsid and password.

University VPN Service

You can use this to access websites as if you were in Cambridge, which allows you access to things like journals or your departmental intranet even when you are away from the University. You can set it up by following instructions here:

MCR, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge CB2 1RL, UK
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